• Joanne Penn was recommended to me by a fellow researcher. Knowing her background at Norfolk Record Office, I engaged her to try to resolve a family history mystery which had defeated researchers for decades. She succeeded. Combining professional expertise with a shrewd intelligence and analytical facility, she not only unearthed essential information but was able also to draw meaningful conclusions from it. Her written reports are comprehensive and meticulous. So I would strongly recommend Joanne to anyone researching family history and especially those who have hit the proverbial 'brick wall'

    Mr A, UK

  • Joanne undertook nearly twenty research assignments for me over a period of about two-and-a-half years. The people she researched for me were members of half a dozen different unlinked families that lived in three counties (Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire) from the 15th to the early 19th centuries. In all her research, I found that Joanne was very enthusiastic and persistent in seeking alternative sources when gaps appeared in parish registers and was very knowledgeable about the availability of records and where they should be consulted. Joanne skillfully used this knowledge by knocking down “a brick wall” that I had been unable to surmount for five years or more. She demanded high standards of proof and cross-referencing and regularly met her (largely self-imposed) reporting deadlines. Joanne also drew to my attention opportunities for containing costs (e.g. by recommending that lines of enquiry that appeared to hold no promise of fruitfulness be not pursued). I first learned of Joanne through the Norfolk Record Office website. I contacted her and asked if she would consider a research assignment that another researcher had refused to undertake and she readily agreed. I have had reason to be very grateful to her for her care and attention to my research requests.

    Mr W, Queensland, Australia

  • I am extremely grateful for your very skilful and indeed successful efforts in assisting me with my research. You have uncovered such a remarkably wide range of material, always with an appreciation of my objectives. Without your help, I would not now be able to put so much flesh on the bare bones of a simple pedigree. Over the years, I have experienced many researchers in various English counties, but never before have I experienced such efficient and dedicated assistance. Thank you.

    Mr W, Essex, UK

  • I was very pleasantly surprised with the number of photographs you took in such a short time and the legibility was as good as or even better than I could reasonably expect for documents of that era.

    Mr B, California, USA

  • Joanne has been brilliant in the research she has performed for me. I have worked with others on a long-distant basis and Joanne has exceeded all my expectations, finding out information I never expected. The genealogical research she did prior to our trip to England enriched our visit. I have been impressed also by her timeliness in getting the information and then conveying it to me.

    Mrs V, Indiana, USA

  • I asked Joanne to help me in the extremely difficult task of tracing my father. She came to visit me to discuss the many and varied possibilities for the search, and kept in touch while her work was progressing. This was just what I needed, and her report was very well researched and comprehensive. She also did further work on various lines of enquiry that presented themselves as a result of her initial findings, and this was also done entirely to my satisfaction. I would have no hesitation in recommending Joanne to anyone interested in finding out more about their family history.

    Mr P, Norwich, UK

  • I wish to commend Joanne for her thorough and professional investigation and concise, detailed reporting. A few years ago I decided to try and determine the answers to some unanswered matters relating to the family I was in something of a fix. As I live in Queensland, Australia, I was not in a position to conduct detailed research and contacted Joanne to see if it would be possible to investigate on my behalf. I have been most impressed with her work and she has been able to establish family contacts far beyond my expectation. I have greatly appreciated her prompt and detailed efforts and would be delighted to recommend her service to any people I know who are seeking family history information.

    Mr P, Queensland, Australia

  • I chose Joanne because of her past work experience at the Norfolk Records Office. After her first report, I realised I had made the right choice of researcher. Joanne had answered all of my initial questions and laid out a plan for further research. After a further eight reports, I was looking at documents from the 1500's and had traced my direct descendants back to a marriage in 1576 which was incredible. It was extremely exciting to receive each report from Joanne. Her reports were always highly detailed and she left no stone unturned, cross checking many different sources of information. Her reports were easy to understand for novice historians like myself and she gave a detailed plan of where to go next with the research after each report. Joanne’s skill in deciphering the information contained in these ancient old documents is fantastic, if I had travelled to Norfolk and spent a month in the Record Office myself, I would not have uncovered a tenth of the information that she found. I cannot recommend this lady highly enough to anybody looking to trace ancestors in Norfolk. Rarely do you find such value for money in this day and age.

    Mr H, Northumberland, UK

  • I started using Norfolk Family Search some 4-5 years ago and I am pleased to say Joanne has found many of my Norfolk ancestors – something I would never have been able to do on my own. Joanne provides both a professional and friendly service at very reasonable rates and I have no hesitation in recommending her company.

    Mrs D, West Yorkshire, UK

  • It has been a pleasure to have the further research completed most efficiently and effectively for which your research services shall be recommended to friends and associates who are seeking Family History. My earlier days of research through another UK consultant also achieved good results but, at a higher cost, so your specialist research rates are very attractive. What I also need to mention is the ease and friendliness of all of your communications, clear precise and understandable it just makes family research fulfilling. Thank you until the next time…

    Mr W, Thailand

  • Wow, you have hit the ball out of the park! Such great results, my Uncle and I are thrilled with this information. Your work is very good and easy to understand and follow. We're very happy with what you've gotten for us so far, my Uncle is beside himself as he has been an avid genealogist for about 50 years and never dreamed we could get this far.

    Miss F, Virginia, USA

  • Your research over the past two years has been most valuable to me, not only for my ancestors’ personal details, but your diligent search for all the background material I requested. Many thanks for all your help.

    Miss J, Dorest, UK

  • Wow. I'm a fair amateur sleuth, at least on this side of the pond, but you've accomplished more in a few days than I'd managed in several years.

    Mr R, New Jersey, USA

  • Working through my family showed such expertise and was quite amazing in both detail and rationalisation of the facts – and I understood everything!! You are indeed an expert and thank you so much – and, by the way you’re worth every penny!

    Mr B, London, UK

  • Thanks for your honest and sensible approach.

    Mr T, Western Australia

  • Thanks for all your help. You’ve certainly saved me months of searching. Excellent service!

    Mr A, Nottingham, UK

  • I am thrilled to bits with all the information you have unearthed for me and am amazed that you managed to find even more than I requested in the space of half an hour. I really do appreciate your help and the fact that you have managed to keep the cost low for me.

    Ms C, Essex, UK

  • I am emailing firstly to thank you for the excellent work you have carried out to date. I have previously attempted to trace our family details but was unable to go back further than my great great grandfather John, born in 1816. Your success is amazing & I cannot thank you enough for your efforts.

    Mr T, New South Wales, Australia

  • I have always found your assistance to be prompt and you have always been helpful in our dealings. Your reports are very easy to read and have addressed any investigations I have requested as far as is possible with the available resources.

    Mr C, Yorkshire, UK

  • Your work was fantastic and I have been raving to my family and colleagues about your work and the possible paths we can follow. I am very happy with your work.

    Ms J, New Zealand

  • Thank you for taking so much care to capture the data in an easily recoverable form this end. Although the photographs of the documents collectively tell a very sad story, I'm very pleased to have received them, the photograph of my great-grandfather in particular. I much appreciate the research that you have undertaken on my behalf, and for your prompt responses throughout.

    Mr B, UK

  • Thank you for the great photos, they are very clear. Thank you also for your consideration of budget and I am very happy with your approach.

    Ms P-M, Australia

  • I am amazed at how much you have been able to extract from the records, and so quickly, given that you are now working well back into the 18th Century.

    Mr W, Inverness, UK

  • Thank you Joanne. The photos looked great!

    Mr D, Massachusetts, USA